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Zensor R&D was founded in 2002, is an electrochemistry-based firm providing contract research services and unique products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental and medical device industries. A series of screen printed electrode processing the attributes of low cost, disposability, convenience, portability, design versatility and ease of mass production has been developed in Zensor R&D.

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Zensor Research&Development

2nd Generation of PotentioStat
(2nd Generation of PotentioStat)

Potentiostat is not just a potentiostat working in lab, it can also be a meter of chemical sensor (simulator) for operation everywhere. You can operate simulator in laboratory for R&D in the region of Biosensor, Metals, Food, Cosmetic, DNA and Drug. It is easy to edit and burn-in procedure in the chip. After burn-in, you can simulate your sensor system for off-line operation in the field test.

Electrochemical Flow cell

ZensorECD is a system of electrodchemical detector, it provides sensitive and simple tool for application of HPLC system and flow system .

Screen-Printed Electrode

Zensor screen printed electrode is a new generation of electrode was made by technology of screen-printed production. There are many advantages such as Disposable、Mass production、Easy use and Flexible to design.

ZensorCellStand (CS100)

Zensor offers more products for researchers to achieve the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of chemical sensor with their unique technology.

We provide both wired and wireless multi-channel electrochemical potentiostat . It could proceed various electrochemical methods simultaneously or individual operation with each channel. Therefore it helps researchers to do more experiments in a very short time.

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