As the pursuit for new forms of clean energy continues, with a host of solar, wind and hydropower projects coming online.A new type of battery,bio-fuel cell, is attempted to use organic carbon to produce electricity. Some scienteist used urine to get electricity . It was called ‘Pee Power’. The first Pee Power urinal was installed on the Frenchay Campus at University of West England, in which the lighting within the toilet structure was powered by microbial fuel cells feeding off the urine.If you are want to use this technology to charge mobile phones even a car one day,don’t waste your urine anymore at that time.


1. Improved Electrical Wiring of Glucose Oxidase Enzyme with an in-Situ Immobilized Mn(1,10-Phenanthroline)2Cl2-Complex/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Modified Electrode Displaying Superior Performance to Os-Complex for High-Current Sensitivity Bioelectrocatalytic and Biofuel Cell Applications

2. One-step preparation of graphitic carbon nitride/Polyaniline/Palladium nanoparticles based nanohybrid composite modified electrode for efficient methanol electro-oxidation